BREAKING: Chinese Communist Party Cadre May Already Be In America For Planned Takeover

(Rallying Patriots) – According to a bombshell new report from the Gateway Pundit, there are Chinese scientists who are based in the United States, working with China’s military and, based on direct evidence, they could be coordinating efforts to create and push propaganda alongside the Chinese Communist Party to help clear its name of having any responsibility for the COVID-19 pandemic.

U.S. universities and research institutions have been colonized by individuals from the CCP and the People’s Liberation Army in the field of science ever since the 1990s. Some of those scientists have actually become citizens of our great nation, while also fostering and maintaining working relationships with other scientists back in China, including those who are members of the PLA.

“The research they are conducting with the PLA is supported by U.S. funding, much of which is derived from Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases,” the GP report said.

“The activities of Chinese scientists based in the U.S. have gone beyond research collaboration with counterparts in China and now appear to include active collaboration with CCP propaganda efforts,” it continued.

“These are at least partially coordinated from the Chinese-American professional organization, the Virology Division of the Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America (SCBA) of which Shan-Lu Liu of Ohio State University is president,” the report added.

So how are these folks doing this propaganda coordination? It seems they are using private chat rooms that include scientists working for the CCP and members of the SCBA.

Back in the early part of February 2020, way before the origin of COVID could possibly have been determined, Shan-Lu Liu put out an article that supported Beijing’s argument that the virus was of a natural origin.

“As recently as January 2021, Shan-Lu Liu was in communication with Zheng-Li Shi, the “bat woman” of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, who was encouraging him to enlist Chinese virologists in a public relations and media campaign in support of Beijing’s views,” GP reported (screen shot here).

“Another author on the February 2020 article supporting the CCP contention that COVID-19 was naturally-occurring was Lishan Su of the University of North Carolina, who also has extensive research collaboration with the PLA,” GP continued (screen shot here).

Another Chinese scientist who is based in the United States, who has also been discovered taking part in these online chats related to CCP propaganda in our country and a PLA research collaborator is Shan Lu, who works at the University of Massachusetts Medical School (screen shot here).

“Other U.S.-based Chinese scientists, who have been working with the PLA while accessing U.S. funding, knowledge and skills are Qiao Li, University of Michigan; Xuping Xie, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston and Tao Jiang, University of California,” the report said (screen shots here, here and here).

It’s very scary to think that our research programs here could be infiltrated by foreign operatives and scientists, realizing that this poses a serious risk to our national security. What’s even more terrifying is not being addressed by our government.

In fact, back in June of this year, a House Intelligence Committee investigation uncovered that Communist Chinese influence has permeated almost every sector of our corporate world here too.

Rep. Devin Nunes spoke with Fox News where he said, “This is just the next stage of our ongoing investigation that’s been ongoing for ten years. We spent the last year looking at the origins of COVID and whether or not China could be responsible.”

“We’ve been actually building this investigation for awhile,” Nunes went on to say. “And the sectors we’re going to look at are fairly broad and very concerning. The American people should be concerned. It’s not just the things you’ve heard about like sports and entertainment. There’s also sectors of the economy like technology, agriculture, pharmaceuticals.”

“We’re going to start with about a dozen U.S. entities that we’re going to investigate,” Nunes stated during the interview. “Probably will reach about four dozen by the time it’s all over with. We’ll be notifying those companies this week. Hopefully they will participate in this investigation.”

“Should these corporations really be relying on supply chains and Chinese influence, and what does that do for the United States of America? It could, I think, really put us in national security danger. In fact, I know that’s the case,” he went on to add.

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