Brave Man Caught On Video Dismantling And Destroying BLM “Autonomous Zone” In Minneapolis

(Rallying Patriots) – Americans are downright sick and tired of the domestic terrorist group Black Lives Matter. While some have been duped into thinking this organization is concerned with the betterment of black communities and “equality,” the majority of us know that the Marxist organization is only set on creating division and discord in America.

One man in Minneapolis expressed his frustrations with the anarchist organization over the weekend as he dismantled and destroyed a roadblock set up by BLM in honor of George Floyd.

The man was caught on tape knocking down anything he could and even cutting down structures with a hatchet.

According to a report by the Star Tribune that captured the video, around 2 am Sunday morning the man can be seen on video pulling up to the roadblock and getting out of his car to throw signs and knock down tables. He returned to his car to get a hatchet and then proceeded to bash what looks like a small shed of some kind.

While there are millions of Americans who can relate to the man’s actions and applaud him, some aren’t so happy.

“This was particularly upsetting that this would happen after the historic trial and the upcoming memorial,” said LaToya Evans, a spokesperson for a nonprofit organization organizing a Floyd memorial.

Why is all this junk just sitting in the street blocking the road? Who is responsible for cleaning it all up? Is that just the new normal in America? Social justice groups are allowed to put up blockades in the streets and then just leave them there forever?

A spokesperson for the Minneapolis Police Department said the incident was not reported to them and therefore investigators have not investigated it.

The junk in the street was apparently blocking off traffic from accessing “George Floyd Square.” An “autonomous” and “cop-free” zone that surrounds the area where George Floyd was killed on May 25, 2020.

City officials have permitted the zone to continue despite businesses in the district being against it and the area being plagued with increased gang activity and violence.

Business owners joined together earlier this year to seek city bailouts because their businesses are hurting and the city refuses to do anything about it and have even allowed for the zone to continue operating until after June.

Minneapolis officials negotiated with business owners in early April to set aside a total of $1 million in interest-free $50,000 loans for those whose businesses have been affected.

“Secondly, we’re continuing to make substantial progress over at 38th and Chicago. Right now, the city is set to move forward with a series of $50,000 interest-free, forgivable loans to businesses that have been substantially impacted over these last seven, eight, and nine months,” Mayor Jacob Frey said during the trial of Derek Chauvin.

A better idea, of course, would be to shut down the autonomous zone and restore the district to its former self so businesses can get back to doing business.

Frey, however, claims that the locals aren’t ready for the zone to be shut down and has previously expressed support for a “phased reopening” of the city.

It’s truly absurd that this domestic terrorist group BLM is essentially calling the shots in Minneapolis. They’ve taken over a portion of the city and what’s stopping them from expanding?

If they can put a bunch of garbage and unsightly junk in the streets then why can’t other people tear it down?

There will likely be a federal investigation into the man’s actions and the FBI will probably come knocking on his door, while violent crime and gang activity continues to skyrocket in the “autonomous zone.”

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