Border Patrol Union Chief Issues Alarming Warning

(Rallying Patriots) – One of Joe Biden’s first orders of business after he usurped the White House was to ensure America’s southern border was wide open for all manner of illegal activity.

While Americans are angry over Biden’s handling of the border and immigration policy, the violent cartels of South and Central America are thrilled. Business for them is booming.

You won’t hear any complaints from those associated with these cartels. Business has never been better. Meanwhile, our US Border Patrol agents are being crushed by the pressure of keeping control of this wildly out of control situation.

The chief of the Border Patrol union says he’s never seen morale so low.

Brandon Judd, the president of the National Border Patrol Council, began his career during Bill Clinton’s administration and he’s claiming that Joe Biden refuses to own up to his failure on the border so instead he’s throwing Border Patrol agents to the wolves.

Judd spoke in reference to the recent media circus surrounding pictures of Border Patrol agents on horseback, attempting to control a massive crowd of Haitian migrants who had made camp under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas.

The pictures were quickly used by Democrats and their media sycophants to demonize Border Patrol agents, claiming the agents were whipping migrants who were illegally attempting to cross the border.

In reality, no migrants were whipped with anything and the pictures simply show agents on horseback with reins in their hands, you know, the rope used to “drive” a horse.

“I’ve never seen the morale any lower than it is right now,” Judd said during an interview on FM Talk 106.5 in Mobile, Alabama (listen here).

“When you have a president who is willing to throw his employees under the bus for doing what he ordered them to do, that’s crazy,” he added.

“He’s completely and totally failed the American public,” Judd said of Biden. “And because of that, he had to find a scapegoat.”

The scapegoat, of course, are the Border Patrol agents pictured, as mentioned above. Judd said that morale is lower than it was during Obama’s administration saying, “Nothing even comes close to this.”

The Democrats and propaganda outlets got the story so wrong they were actually forced to admit it.

The New York Times had to correct an article that “overstated the behavior of some Border Patrol agents on horseback,” admitting the paper “has not seen conclusive evidence that migrants were struck with the reins.”

What’s more, a video posted on Twitter by Associated Press reporter Sarah Blake Morgan showed the agents were using their reins only to steer horses. And the photographer himself said he never saw anyone being whipped.

The way those pictures were taken out of context and made to be some kind of national controversy is absolutely abhorrent.

Not only were the pictures used in a patently false way to depict something that absolutely did not even happen by the media, but government officials, including Biden himself, spoke out harshly condemning the agents and promising they would be punished.

Constitutional scholar and George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley asserted that the false charges that agents were “whipping” migrants likely adds up to defamation. He also noted that Biden’s comments that the agents “will pay” were “the most damaging to both the investigation and the reputation of these agents.”

“Not only did Biden shatter his own administration’s investigation but he joined other leading Democratic figures in defaming the agents,” Turley said.

Not only has the Biden administration demonized Border Patrol agents and defamed them, he’s also requiring them to submit to COVID vaccine mandates while permitting droves of unvaccinated illegal aliens to flood across our borders.

Border Patrol agents who refuse to take the experimental jabs could soon face termination.

WND reports, “Irene Armendariz-Jackson, a candidate for Congress, said her husband is a Border Patrol agent, and he’s being given until Nov. 22 to get vaccinated.”

“How is there a mandate for Border Patrol but illegal aliens can pass through without even a test, much less a jab?” she asked on Twitter.

The crisis at the border is bad enough without this abuse of US Border Patrol agents. The Biden regime’s globalist agenda is being flawlessly implemented.

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