Border Patrol Captures Ten Convicted Sex Offenders Infiltrating America

(Rallying Patriots) – Liberals want us all to believe that there are just well-meaning, skilled laborers flooding across the southern border looking for a better life.

They want us all to believe it’s immoral to turn away these down-trodden citizens of the world and that it’s our responsibility to not only take them in but cloth, feed and educate them too.

If you believe in borders, you’re obviously a racist and a xenophobe!

Of course, those of us with half a brain know the truth. A porous and unprotected southern border means more criminals, more drugs and more dangers for Americans.

US Customs and Border Protection confirmed this last week in a tweet detailing all of the criminals and drugs apprehended along the border during a 3-day period of time.

The US Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz revealed some shocking information in the tweet last week including the fact that Border Patrol agents arrested 10 different sex offenders and seized 170 pounds of dangerous drugs.

Also significant, they arrested a fugitive wanted for murder and stopped 18 massive groups from entering which totaled 2,446 illegal aliens.

The Biden regime has been categorized by lawlessness at the southern border which had previously been all but secured under President Trump. The wall was almost complete, which Biden promptly ordered a stop on construction when he usurped the White House.

Along with the increase in illegal aliens flooding the border there has also been a significant increase in apprehensions of convicted sex offenders at the most trafficked sections of the border.

Border Patrol agents in the Del Rio, Texas, sector saw a 3,166% increase in sex offender arrests during the 2021 fiscal year, according to Fox News.

Just imagine how many are getting through undetected.

Among the sex offender arrests made in May, one was a Honduran national “convicted of indecency with a child sexual contact” and a previously convicted sex offender who entered the border with a group of gang members.

You won’t hear the leftist media outlets reporting on this information. They don’t want Americans to hear the truth about the border.

Re-entering the US after being deported for an aggravated felony carries a max federal penalty of up to 20 years in prison, however, the Biden regime is in no hurry to pursue serious sentences for repeat illegal immigrants.

Now that winter is over, more and more illegal immigrants are arriving at the southern border. Biden’s pledge to end Title 42 has also encouraged potential illegal aliens to make the trip.

Fortunately, the Biden regimes’ plans to end Title 42, which allows the federal government to quickly expel immigrants on the grounds of public health, have been delayed by the courts.

Biden has made it clear that he and his regime support illegal immigration far more than they do Border Patrol. Insiders report that morale is at an all-time low thanks to a complete lack of support from the White House.

Since Biden took control, a staggering 2 million illegal immigrants have crossed our border and even more illegals have managed to escape into the US interior. This is incredibly troubling when you consider the kind of people Border Patrol is apprehending.

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