BOOM! Putin Now Demands Europe To Pay For Their Gas In Rubles

(Rallying Patriots) – If you thought having to sell a kidney and trade your firstborn child in order to fill up your gas tank was bad, the price is about to go up even more thanks to the absolutely awful geopolitical skills of Joe Biden and the flunkies who are part of his administration.

According to a new report from The Gateway Pundit, Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a response to the economic sanctions slapped on him by the United States and other Western nations. He is now demanding that unfriendly countries pay for their gasoline in rubles.

The report went on to reveal that Europe obtains 40 percent of its gas supply from Russia. So yeah, those already insanely high gas prices are about to surge even higher.

If Biden is on a mission to completely and utterly wipe out the U.S. petrodollar, he’s dangerously close to completing his objective.

Richard Medhurst reported that this new rule applies to all of the “unfriendly” nations. A list of 48 “unfriendly” nations was posted up just a few weeks ago. Included on the list are the U.S., EU, Switzerland, Japan, and Norway.

Gas prices in Europe skyrocketed by 21 percent in Amsterdam after this news broke.

A new report from Infowars revealed that Putin said, “I have taken a decision to switch to ruble payments for our natural gas supplies to the so-called hostile states, stop using the compromised currencies in such transactions.”

“At the same time, I want to emphasize that Russia will definitely continue to supply natural gas in line with the volumes and prices, pricing mechanisms set forth in the existing contracts,” Putin said at a government meeting today,” Putin continued.

Putin then added that it doesn’t make sense for Russia to export goods out to the EU or the United States in dollars or Euros.

The United States currently already has a ban in place on imports of Russian energy products, which includes oil, coal, and LNG.

“Earlier this week, the foreign ministers of the EU member states failed to come to an agreement about whether to punish Putin with an oil embargo. Some small EU members, including Lithuania, pushed for an embargo, but the biggest economy, Germany, was against it,” the report from Infowars said.

Gabrielius Landsbergis, who serves as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, posted on Twitter on Monday, “Why should Europe give Putin more time to earn more money from oil and gas? More time to use European ports? More time to use unsanctioned Russian banks in Europe? Time to pull the plug.”

“But Germany and the Netherlands said that the EU couldn’t cut itself off Russian oil and gas right now. The European Union and its biggest economy Germany have been reluctant so far to ban imports of Russian energy or impose sanctions on Russian oil and gas exports, considering that Europe depends on Russia for more than one-fourth of its oil supply and one-third of its natural gas supply,” Infowars reported.

This situation is really getting scary now, and not just in an economical way, which is bad enough, but reports have come forward stating that Putin has deployed weaponry that can melt a person’s internal organs.

On top of that, you have a man who happens to have a large percentage of control over a major export a lot of the world needs. It’s truly scary times, folks.



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