Bombshell Testimony: Top Scientists At Vaccine Hearing Reveal Injections Killing More People Than Saving

(Rallying Patriots) – There is no question about it, the vaccines are dangerous. While tens of millions of Americans have been duped into getting the jabs, tens of millions more are skeptical, to say the least.

It would appear their skepticism is justified. Several doctors from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave startling testimony on Friday during a hearing on the COVID-19 vaccines. One of the highlights of this testimony was the allegation that the vaccines are actually killing more people than they are saving.

The doctors also said that the COVID “variants” are being driven by the vaccines, a conclusion those of us with working brains have already arrived at.

The FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee ultimately voted 16-2 after 8 hours of testimony, shooting down Joe Biden’s hopes and dreams of imposing boosters on all Americans.

Among those that gave testimony during the hearing was Dr. Steve Kirsch, director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund. What he had to say was explosive. Every American needs to listen up.

“I’m going to focus my remarks today on the elephant in the room that nobody likes to talk about: that the vaccines kill more people than they save,” Kirsch said via teleconference.

“Today, we focus almost exclusively on COVID death saves and vaccine efficacy because we were led to believe that vaccines were perfectly safe. But this is simply not true.”

“For example, there are four times as many heart attacks in the treatment group in the Pfizer 6-month trial report,” Kirsch continued. “That wasn’t bad luck. VAERS shows heart attacks happened 71x more often following these vaccines compared to any other vaccine.”

“In all 20 people died who got the drug, 14 died who got the placebo. Few people noticed that. If the net all-cause mortality from the vaccine is negative, vaccines, boosters, and mandates are all nonsensical.” (Screen shot here).

“Even if the vaccines had a 100% protection, it still means we killed two people to save one life,” he added.

Kirsch also explained that in nursing home death data shows about half the vaccinated died, while none of the unvaccinated died.

The information he covered is truly disturbing. He was not alone. Dr. Jessica Rose, a viral immunologist and biologist, said that based on the VAERS data the risks of the vaccines far outweighs the benefits to young people, especially children.

“There’s an over 1000% increase in the total number of adverse events for 2021 and we are not done with 2021,” Rose pointed out.

She also suggested that the COVID-19 variants are actually being driven by the vaccines.

“The emergence of both of these variants and their subsequent clustering arose in very close temporal proximity to the rollout of the COVID products in Israel,” she said.

“Israel is one of the most injected countries, and it appears from this data that this represents a clear failure of these products to provide protective immunity against emergent variants and to prevent transmission,” she noted.

Dr. Joseph Fraiman, an ER physician from New Orleans, brought up the fact that there is not enough large-scale clinical trial data to assure well-informed unvaccinated Americans that the vaccines do not pose a risk to their health.

An ER physician from New Orleans, Dr. Joseph Fraiman, noted not enough large-scale clinical trial data exists to assure well-informed unvaccinated Americans that their risk of experiencing vaccine side effects is lower than their chance of being hospitalized.

“Demand the booster trials are large enough to find a reduction in hospitalizations,” Fraiman told the FDA panel. “Without this data, we, the medical establishment cannot confidently call out anti-COVID vaccine activists who publicly claim that vaccines harm more than they save, especially in the young and healthy.”

“The fact we do not have the clinical evidence to say these activists are wrong should terrify us all,” he added.

It’s encouraging to see that these doctors actually presented real data and acted accordingly. No one should be receiving any “boosters” for COVID-19 especially until the shots can be proven to be safe and effective.

Despite the Biden regime’s plans to force boosters on all Americans who have already taken two COVID shots, the FDA did what was right and shot down the boosters, for now.

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  1. We American Patriot conservatives are not stupid ass democrats we have a brain and we use it and if anyone tries to jab me with the vaccine they’re going to get a jab in their forehead with a 45 caliber

  2. No surprise here! My opinion is that the Court Jester says trust me, you can take my word as fact that I am telling you the truth Virginia. There is a real Santa Claus. Oh yeah, the COVID-19 Vaccines are completely safe. The side effects are not really dangerous!

    In truth if you do not take the COVID-19 Vaccines you are 100 percent guaranteed not to get any side effects yet some people who have taken them have died as a result. If by chance you contract COVID-19 you are 99.8 percent likely to recover.

  3. It’s all about the money. Pfizer and Moderna have made “tons” of money off these vaccines and they will lie until they hear that iron door slam behind them.
    The NWO crowd have been saying for years that the herd needed to be thinned out, to many people on this earth, they say.
    I think this horror was released on “We the People” on purpose in order to “thin the herd” and allow the Govt, Pfizer and Moderna to make tons of money. Yes, this sorry Govt is making money off this since they are in business with Pfizer.


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