BOMBSHELL: Actress Recalls ‘Intimate’ Encounter With Bill Clinton And How She Thought He Was Going To Give Her A Call

(Rallying Patriots) – Hollywood celebrities love Democrat politicians and bragging about their encounters with them.

On Tuesday night, Gillian Anderson, an actress best known for her role as FBI agent Dana Scully on the 1990s hit Fox series “The X-Files,” sat down with late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel to promote her new biopic series “The First Lady.”

In the series, Anderson plays former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt. During the typical late-night show banter, Kimmel asked Anderson if she had ever met a first lady or president.

That’s when things got cringey.

“Have you met a first lady or president of the United States, or both?” he asked.

“I’ve never met a first lady,” Anderson replied.

“I have met a president, I met Clinton,” she continued. “I met him when he was running for office, first time. And it was a lunch, for him, at somebody’s fancy house in the Hollywood Hills or something.”

That would have been in 1992, just prior to her rise to stardom in “The X-Files.” Kimmel was awkwardly excited by her story and so Anderson went on to give on the nauseating details.

“And then at the end of his speech, or whatever, we, you know, created a line for him to walk down the line and shake hands, and we got to meet him,” she recounted.

“He did the most miraculous thing in the world,” Anderson recalled. “You know that thing that he does where he shakes your hand and then he grabs your elbow at the same time, and he like holds your arm further up—slightly intimate little thing. Makes eye contact, and then he moves on to the next person… and then he looks back at you.”

Naturally, the crowd ate it up and Anderson seemed to convey feelings that the encounter was something much more than it actually was.

“I went home, I thought—this was in the days of answering machines—I literally thought that I was going to go home to a message from him,” she explained and the crowd erupted in delighted laughter.

“I did. It was that real,” she insisted.

“Really?” Kimmel asked. “Well, yeah, I mean probably your answering machine was broken, because he definitely called if, I mean…oh that’s something else. And then did you vote for him after that?”

For reasons unknown, Anderson pretended to be coy and gave a lengthy pause before admitting that she did vote for him. Of course she did. As if her voting for Bill Clinton would have been looked down on by that crowd.

“Even though he didn’t call?” Kimmel asked. “He’s probably going to call now,” which of course was followed by raucous laughter from the crowd.

Bill Clinton is far too old and senile and frail to be making calls nowadays, not to mention Hillary no doubt has him on a very short leash.

Wonder if Anderson would be as excited and smitten over meeting Biden. He’d do far better than an intimate hand/arm shake, assuming she doesn’t mind being sniffed and caressed. He’s the creepiest man to ever step foot in the Oval Office.

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