BLM Leader Arrested In Connection To A Man Murdered In His Home, Police Discover 42 Ecstasy Pills & Two Ounces Of Weed

(Rallying Patriots) – According to Black Lives Matter, all the problems facing black communities in America are the fault of racist white people and supposed “white privilege.”

This, of course, leads black people into the victimhood mentality and essentially excuses them from taking any responsibility for their own lives and futures.

The radical left, AKA the Democrats, have been chipping away at accountability within black communities for decades which has only resulted in rampant poverty, massive scale illegal drug use and activity, and skyrocketing violence and homicide rates.

The Democrats are not the friends they portray themselves to be to black Americans.

By consistently excusing the bad and criminal behavior of black people (who commit crimes) and instead pinning their hardships on “white supremacy,” Democrats have been destroying the very communities they purport to care about.

Black Lives Matter is a perfect example of this. There is no accountability whatsoever among those associated with the Marxist organization. That’s exactly why they burn down cities, loot and destroy businesses and vandalize and riot as a means of “protest.”

It’s also why they allow low-life thugs to be “leaders” within their “movement.”

A 20-year-old Black Lives Matter activist from Iowa has perfectly illustrated this point. Mazin Mohamedali has been arrested in connection with a murder that took place in his home in February.

After being arrested for lying to the police, giving false information and essentially obstructing a murder investigation, police went on to discover 42.5 ecstasy pills and nearly 2 ounces of marijuana in his home.

This is the same man who led local BLM protests last year, which unsurprisingly turned violent. Is it any wonder why BLM “protests” always seem to devolve into chaos and violence? These are the kinds of people leading the way.

Local media reports that the original arrest was in relation to the murder of another man, Quincy Russom, who was killed inside Mohamedali’s apartment. The police originally were led to believe that Russom was killed “during a suspected robbery” however Mohamedali was found out to have lied to police about the entire ordeal.

“Mohamedali gave false descriptions of the people involved with the killing, lied when questioned by police, and withheld information that would have led police to the murderer sooner” according to Infowars, and, “The criminal complaint against him also says that he deleted his call history and Snapchat app following the shooting.”

While they were arresting Mohamedali for giving false information, lying, and withholding information, “police found 56.13 grams of marijuana inside his closet, as well as 42.5 ecstasy pills,” per KWWL.

“Mohamedali is facing two counts of controlled substance violation and failure to affix a drug stamp, as well as one count of keeping a drug house.”

He most certainly does not sound like someone who should be leading any kind of social movement. What kind of example is this guy for young black Americans? He is the embodiment of what is wrong within black communities and yet he’s the leader of the Iowa Freedom Riders, a BLM affiliate group.

If this isn’t a pretty clear indication that something is not right with BLM and their message then we’re not sure what is. Black people need to stop listening to and being used by BLM.

They don’t care about the betterment of black communities or the “equality” of black people at all. If they did, they would never allow this criminal thug to be a prominent part of their organization and to have influence over young, impressionable black Americans.

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