‘Black Trees Matter’ — VP Kamala Harris Asks NASA If It Can Track Trees By Race For ‘Environmental Justice’

(Rallying Patriots) – Kamala Harris is truly one of the fakest, most disingenuous people on planet earth. It’s impossible to take her seriously and no one should. She isn’t in her current position of vice president because of her accomplishments or accolades. She’s in her current position because of her gender and ethnicity. That’s it. There is no other reason and it shows.

During a visit to Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, on Friday, Harris, who serves as chair of the National Space Council, embarrassed herself and the US as is par for the course.

While meeting with scientists and engineers to get a firsthand look at how the climate is being studied by the space program and how it provides data concerning planetary changes and their impacts, Harris asserted, “I truly believe space activity is climate action.”

How inspiring. Things got worse, however, when Harris interrupted a presentation on climate change to ask if NASA could use its satellites to track trees “by race” in neighborhoods as part of “environmental justice.”

The now-viral video shows Harris sitting in a chair, socially distanced and masked, attempting to appear to be very serious and engaged while asking if the “races” of trees could be tracked to ensure environmental justice.

The embarrassing moment, originally shared by Deputy Director of Rapid Response at the Republican National Committee (RNC), Jake Schneider, resulted in an eruption of mockery on social media and the hashtag “Black Trees Matter” being born.

“Can you measure trees — part of that data that you are referring to, [and it’s an issue of] EJ, environmental justice — that you can also track by race their averages in terms of the number of trees in the neighborhoods where people live?”

The video, which had over one million views as of Sunday afternoon, was relentlessly mocked on Twitter.

“This woman is a complete hack – and if this is not an act, she is also a moron…,” wrote retired senior intelligence operations officer Tony Shaffer.

“I can’t get over the fact that ‘environmental justice’ and ‘tree equity’ are real phrases Democrats use,” wrote GOP strategist Matt Whitlock. “Reads like parody.”

“I thought this was a Babylon Bee headline, turns out it’s our totally serious Vice President,” wrote Republican congressional candidate Leon Benjamin.

“Glad she has her priorities straight,” he added.

“This clip illustrates perfectly the worth of diversity,” wrote Darren Beattie, a former Trump speechwriter.

“For the confused, the CRT argument here is that urban centers have less trees and are warmer than less urban areas, which the left translates into privilege,” wrote conservative writer and commentator Chad Greene.

“White people have the ‘privilege’ of more trees, cooler temps and cleaner air,” he added. “Wala. Environmental Justice.”

“Too many White (Supremacist) Pines, not enough gender neutral Black Walnuts!” wrote a Twitter user, adding the creative hashtag: “#BlackTreesMatter.”

“Are we now headed towards #BlackTreesMatter?” asked another Twitter user.

“Officer Harris is just trying to figure out whether trees are racist or not,” wrote yet another.

“Yes, the world’s most inauthentic, unnatural politician Kamala Harris made news yesterday by pressing NASA on its ability to sort trees by race as part of an ‘environmental justice’ push,” another wrote.

“So the [vice] president Kamala Harris with NASA yesterday, able to ask any question about our universe, she asks if they are able to “track trees” by race as part of ‘environmental justice,’” wrote one Twitter user.

“She’s going to keep dividing, nothing will stop them from creating a new, segregated society,” yet another wrote.

“Waking up to Kamala Harris statements on tree race & environmental Justice. We’re doomed” wrote another.

“It looks like black communities will receive reparations in the form of trees,” another wrote.

“So Kamala Harris with NASA today, asks if they are able to ‘track trees’ by ‘race’ as part of ‘environmental justice,’” wrote yet another. “This is VP of USA, ladies and gentlemen.”

“The world laughingstock continues,” a Twitter user wrote.

“Breaking News: Kamala Harris realizes that Trees are inherently racist,” wrote another Twitter user.

“So people no longer have biological genders but trees, a plant, have races?” asked another. “If I didn’t know Harris is ok with PC on steroids I’d give her some slack & say she meant species.”

“When Trump tried to explain a real experimental UV disinfectant light therapy, the press turned that into him ‘telling people to drink bleach’ and ‘inject Lysol,’” wrote yet another Twitter user.

“This is what they mean by ‘TRUST THE SCIENCE,’” quipped another.

“Everything has to be about race with Harris…. Even the trees,” wrote another.

The world is most certainly laughing. It would be really funny if these lunatics weren’t so serious. Biden’s multi-trillion dollar “infrastructure” spending bill is currently being pushed through by Democrats and it includes some of the most radical climate change action to date.

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