Big Tech Billionaires Have Donated $7.5M To Marxist BLM Co-Founder In Exchange For Her Advocating Of Net Neutrality Policy

(Rallying Patriots) – What is really going on between Big Tech and Marxist organization Black Lives Matter? Is it any wonder that Big Tech has been dumping millions of dollars into Black Lives Matter and then BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors then uses her platform to advocate for their policy goals?

All of these leftist entities share the same goal. They want to see America divided and destroyed so that an elite ruling class can emerge and take total and complete control.

So far, they’re doing a whole heck of a lot better moving towards their end goal then conservatives are doing in fighting against them.

One major disadvantage of conservatives, however, is that the left is bankrolled by massively wealthy Big Tech companies like Facebook, Twitter and Netflix, all of which have dumped around $7.5 million into groups linked to BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (pictured at top), Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, and wife of Netflix’s CEO Patricia Ann Quillin, have all given massive donations to Cullors’ PAC and other affiliated charities, as reported by the New York Post.

In return, it appears that Cullors has been lobbying for “net neutrality,” a policy that financially benefits online content providers like social media sites and Netflix.

The questionable relationship between Cullors and Big Tech also seems to feature preferred treatment for Cullors on their platforms. Twitter and Facebook both seem to protect Cullors from criticism and have even blocked articles from news organizations, like the Daily Mail, that shed light on her recent lucrative real estate dealings.

Of the aforementioned donors, Moskovitz and his wife Cari Tuna have reportedly given the most to Cullors with donations equaling more than $5.5 million between 2017 and 2020, as indicated by public records referenced by the Post.

Despite having left Facebook in 2008, Moskovitz retained a 2% stake in the company which puts his net worth around $20 billion. Needless to say, he has some extra cash lying around.

He apparently uses that extra cash to donate to charities associated with BLM’s Cullors including to the non-profit Dignity and Power Now that she started and Reform LA Jails, a California PAC she co-founded to lobby for the LA Sheriff’s Department to be subject to civilian oversight.

Dorsey, with an estimated net worth of $14 billion, donated $1.5 million last year via his #startsmall philanthropy initiative. To those that have billions of dollars, a donation of $1.5 million would surely be “starting small.”

The money donated by Dorsey went to Black Lives Matter directly and to The Movement for Black Lives, which is a BLM-associated coalition of activist groups founded by none other than Cullors.

Billionaire Netflix CEO Reed Hastings wife Quillin donated $250,000 to Reform LA Jails last year.

The alliance between Big Tech companies and BLM’s Cullors should come as no surprise to anyone. They are all working towards dividing and conquering America. The wealthy must stick together in order to crush America’s common folk, whom they detest.

Unless we can find a way to finally put Big Tech in check and put a stop to the anarchy that BLM promotes and works for, these wealthy elites are only going to grow more and more powerful.

That should send chills down every Americans’ spine.

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