Biden’s Vaccine Push Is So Disgusting Even David Hogg Hates It

(Rallying Patriots) – The Joe Biden regime is starting to look more and more like the Capitol in the Hunger Games every day.

While Americans are struggling to afford basic needs like groceries and heat, Biden and his celebrity friends sit in the opulent White House and goof off in an attempt to convince unvaccinated Americans to get the jab.

Talk about tone deaf.

The new cringe-inducing pro-vaccine message to come out of the administration has even the most radical of leftists shaking their heads and crying foul.

The former boy-band the Jonas Brothers joined Joe Biden to make the latest piece of propaganda to circulate social media. The video was modeled after a popular TikTok trend that involves dubbing new content using audio from viral videos.

The video featured real life brothers Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas at the White House mouthing soundbites from the popular Sidetalk act asking about vaccinations and talking up president “Byron,” according to a New York Post report.

At the end of the video, Kevin Jonas uses his real voice to ask, “All right, did we get it?”

The video then shows “Byron,” aka Biden, lowering his smartphone to reveal his trademark creepy grin.

“We got it,” the clown-in-chief Biden says to finish the video. There have been many memes already produced of the final shot with Biden and his smartphone. It’s particularly humorous because there’s no way on planet earth Biden even knows how to operate a smartphone.

The video proved to be too much for even the most unhinged of leftists. David Hogg, leftist anti-gun crusader and pillow magnate wannabe, hated the video so much he called Biden out on Twitter.

“You can have all the celebs you want at the White House — it’s not going to change the fact almost all of my friends just got emails about needing to restart their federal student loan payments and kids are dying everyday from gun violence,” Hogg griped in a tweet last week.

“Want our vote? Earn it @POTUS,” he wrote.

Leftist indignation didn’t stop there. Former BuzzFeed propagandist Ryan Broderick had an absolute meltdown.

“[T]his sucks so bad holy s*** we are a month away from the anniversary of a literal coup attempt and entering the second year of a still raging pandemic what is wrong with all of you people????” Broderick wrote.

“are you all insane?? cancel our student loans!!!! give us free tests!!!” he added, tossing in the student loan angle for good measure.

Rory Cooper, a partner at the reputation management firm Purple Strategies, had a calmer, more rational take on the video, saying, “The White House celebrity ‘get vaxxed’ videos seem designed to impress their fully vaxxed group texts and not the easily identifiable demographics they need to actually move.”

The Biden regime just can’t seem to understand that they nor the celebrities they team up with, have the clout to influence the medical decisions of Americans, outside of illegal vaccine mandates.

No one liked this latest video. The left thought it inappropriately made light of the so-called pandemic that they view as the modern day Black Plague while it fell on deaf ears for conservatives who have long made up their minds about the dangerous, experimental COVID-19 “vaccines.”

The Biden regime is genuinely tone deaf. They actually believe that because Biden is popular with the pop culture, Hollywood elite left that means he must be popular around the country. Many of them genuinely believe he actually won the 2020 election.

Unfortunately, Biden is so unpopular and out-of-touch that his influence does nothing to persuade actual, real Americans’ decisions.

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