Biden’s Surgeon General Pick Made An Absolute Killing Making COVID-Related Speeches Last Year… This Is Sick

(Rallying Patriots) – President Joe Biden’s very well connected doctor that has been nominated to take over the position of United States surgeon general made an absolute killing on delivering COVID-related speeches last year during the thick of the coronavirus pandemic, bringing in about $2.6 million, which raises a lot of questions concerning conflict-of-interest and some serious ethical concerns about him as the choice for this important position.

According to BizPacReview, ever since January of 2020, Obama retread and diehard gun control advocate Dr. Vivek Murthy made some serious cash by bringing in about $600,000 from Netflix, then another $410,000 from Airbnb (along with an additional 400K in stock options in the company) and then $400,000 from the parent company that owns the Carnival cruise line.

What did he do in order to earn this staggering income? He offered advice on safety protocols and other related concerns. In other words, COVID-19 helped him have a super good financial year by providing these companies with information about how to best navigate the pandemic. Talk about taking advantage of a crisis. Geesh.

As if that wasn’t enough, he pulled in a $500,000 payday for giving 36 speeches at various hospitals, health insurance companies, Google, Duke University, UBS Financial Services, and other places.

There has been a number of watchdog groups who have come out and questioned whether or not Murthy can actually be trusted to be impartial as a public health official with all of his corporate ties.

“The [financial] disclosure caught the attention of longtime health policy hands — saying that Murthy has the most financial entanglements of any surgeon general pick in recent history — and of watchdogs who raise questions about how credible he would be as a spokesperson on the pandemic response and presidential adviser,” the Washington Post said in a newly published report.

Murthy has occupied the office of surgeon general before, during the Obama administration, and has promised to avoid participating in government matters that involve his form consulting clients for a year, “unless authorized to do so,” the Post went on to say. This clause seems to provide him with a massive loophole.

If Sen. Joe Manchin goes along with his colleagues, then the Democrats have enough votes to go ahead and confirm him to the position. It’s worth noting that Manchin did vote against him back in 2014.

Seems pretty clear that this is not the right man for the job. But you know Joe. He has a lot of favors to repay for stealing the election so he’s trying to butter all the bread he can by handing out these cushy government jobs.

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