Biden In Kentucky: POTUS Talks Crap About Aaron Rodgers & Gets Called A “Pedophile” As Trump Supporters Chant “Let’s Go Brandon”

(Rallying Patriots) – Joe Biden is a clown. He can’t go anywhere without meeting the opposition. Americans just don’t like him. He’s mentally unfit to do the job he was installed by the left to do and he makes a fool of himself and the entire country every time he opens his mouth.

The left knew they could get away with stealing the election and they wanted us all to know it too, that’s why they used someone as incompetent, senile, and corrupt as Joe Biden, who could never have legitimately won any election on his own.

We all know this is true and despite the left’s insistence that the 2020 election was free of fraud and shenanigans.

Now, Joe Biden has to do the things that a legitimate president would do like going to visit disaster-stricken areas in the US such as tornado-torn towns in Kentucky.

Naturally, Biden was met with the typical hecklers and protesters. Local reporter Austin Horn posted a picture of Biden arriving on Twitter and reported that a couple of people shouted “Let’s go Brandon,” as he got out of the vehicle.

President Trump had hecklers and protesters too whenever he visited places around the US but his supporters ALWAYS greatly outnumbered them. The same cannot be said for Joe Biden. Rarely is he greeted by supporters and there are never any large crowds of pro-Biden demonstrators.

Prior to Biden’s arrival, demonstrators had already gathered in the area as evidenced by the video in the tweet below which shows a truck flying a giant Trump flag driving by.

One woman went as far as to call Biden a “pedophile” as he shook hands with citizens and asked him, “Where are the children? Where are they? Pedophile! Where are they at?”

Shortly after, Biden was caught on camera whispering into the ear of a young boy, rubbing his arm and placing his hands on his shoulders. Could Creepy Joe possibly be any creepier? Just watching him interact with small children is enough to make your skin crawl.

During another interaction, Biden took a shot at NFL superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who is unvaccinated, when he told a woman wearing Green Bay Packers attire, to “Tell that quarterback he’s got to get the vaccine.”

Because everything in Joe Biden’s world is about COVID. He was literally installed to keep the charade alive and well. His handlers expect him to push the vaccine all the time, everywhere he goes.

Biden is a national embarrassment.

Copyright 2021.

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