Biden Gets Touchy With Pre-Schoolers [Video]

(Rallying Patriots) – Joe Biden has a seriously sick propensity for little children. It’d be easy to blame his inability to keep his hands to himself on his obvious dementia but he’s had this problem for 40 years.

If there are small children around, you can be sure Joe Biden is touching them inappropriately. This is the most powerful man in the world and he’s a straight-up creep. It’s truly hard to wrap your mind around it.

On a recent trip to North Plainfield, New Jersey, Biden stopped in to visit an elementary school where he seemed genuinely interested in playing with the kindergartener’s toys while also, as usual, creepily touching the children.

Biden is out promoting his “Build Back Better” charade which somehow took him to East End Elementary School in NJ. You’d think Biden’s handlers would know better than to put him in an environment where there are little children literally everywhere yet they don’t seem too concerned with optics.

Naturally, the visit lent itself to some pretty cringe-inducing photographs and videos.

The so-called president appears to straddle one unfortunate young child after caressing his arms and before admitting that he “likes Legos.”

And we’re supposed to call this man the “president?” What a joke!

One photo appears to show Biden with a little girl between his legs (screen shot here).

No child should ever be in that kind of a situation. There doesn’t seem to be anybody capable of keeping Biden away from small children or, at the very least, from touching them awkwardly and creepily.

Imagine if President Trump carried on that way. He would be lambasted by the rabid leftist media and called a pedophile. We’d never hear the end of it.

Yet, Biden can parade around an elementary school touching kids’ heads, caressing their arms, and straddling them between his legs without even so much as a peep from the sycophants at CNN and MSNBC.

Joe Biden has quite the track record when it comes to awkward encounters with small children.

Remember when Joe Biden visited the 9/11 memorial site in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, on the 20th anniversary of the attacks this year and weirdly put his arm around the waist of a 12-year-old girl he was standing next to?

Why not around the shoulder? Or better yet, not at all?

This guy is a total creep and he just can’t help himself. The dementia only makes it worse, taking away his ability to even recognize what he’s doing is wrong and inappropriate.

Is there a reason his handlers continue to put him in these situations? It seems like they would want to keep him as far away from small children as possible.

Then again, with a completely sycophantic media, there’s nothing Joe Biden can’t do.

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