Biden Calls For “Police Reform” While Ignoring BLM, Breonna Taylor Protest Violence Across The Nation

(Rallying Patriots) – Calls for police reform were amplified over the weekend as March 13 marked the first anniversary of Breonna Taylor’s death. Taylor was 26-years-old when she was shot and killed by police who raided her apartment using a no-knock warrant.

While the left and Black Lives Matter insist that Taylor was gunned down in her apartment simply because she was black, the reality is Taylor was aiding and abetting known drug dealers.

The police raided the apartment in an effort to apprehend these criminals and get illegal drugs off the streets. The men inside Taylor’s apartment started shooting at the police first and the police returned fire.

Naturally, the left has spun this entire story to make it appear as though the “racist” police targeted Taylor because of the color of her skin. This is not true at all.

The fact is that if people of any color don’t want to have interactions with the police then it’s best to follow the law and not get involved with people who break it.

Nonetheless, protests and marches were held over the weekend to remember Taylor and push for police reform. Most of the events were peaceful but violence quickly erupted in many areas as night fell.

On Saturday, activists and supporters gathered together at Jefferson Square Park in Louisville, including Taylor’s family. Many in attendance demanded that the police officers who were involved in her shooting be held accountable.

The city of Louisville paid Taylor’s family $12 million as part of a settlement that also included several police reforms. It’s not enough, however, unless someone’s head is on a stake.

Benjamin Crump, a lawyer for the Taylor family, encouraged the “systemic racism” narrative by telling the crowd, “We got two different Americas. We got one for Black Americans and one for White Americans.”

“We got to get justice for all our people in America,” Crump said.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, peaceful protests devolved into violent riots during the evening. Hundreds of demonstrators flooded the streets resulting in closed down streets and clashes with the police.

In one incident that has the media going crazy, rioters were beating on the hood of a police car and the officer suddenly accelerated resulting in demonstrators being thrown onto the road.

Of course, in the eyes of the media and BLM, they’re just innocent victims who were mowed down by the racist police rather than criminal rioters violating the law.

One individual who caught the incident on video, put it on Twitter saying, “LAPD just ran over two protesters at the Hollywood Breonna Taylor march.”

The police, apparently, should just sit there and take the abuse and harassment and allow the mob of angry rioters to break the law by vandalizing their vehicle and possibly go after them next. Right.

Antifa appeared to get in on the action also. By late afternoon on Saturday they joined a march around Vine Street in Hollywood. Of course, there were plenty of reports of vandalism and confrontations with the police.

New York City also saw massive demonstrations, most of which were peaceful.

Joe Biden, or whoever runs his Twitter account, chimed in expressing support for police reform. Biden notably did not condemn any violence going on in the streets of American cities.

“Breonna Taylor’s death was a tragedy, a blow to her family, her community, and America,” Biden said.

“As we continue to mourn her, we must press ahead to pass meaningful police reform in Congress. I remain committed to signing a landmark reform bill into law.”

As usual, the mainstream media and left-wing politicians are ignoring the violence and rioting that accompanied the “peaceful” protests. Violence is acceptable as long as it’s being done by the right people.

For racism being so “systemic” in America it sure is interesting how black people and those who identify as liberals, progressives, or social justice warriors get away with committing all kinds of crimes. Their violent behavior is ignored or excused.

Meanwhile, white Trump supporters have been demonized endlessly for the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and made out to be “domestic terrorists.”

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