Biden Border Crisis: “Cartels Having A Field Day” As Eighteen-Wheelers Deliver Migrants & Drugs

(Rallying Patriots) – Upon usurping the presidency, Joe Biden immediately opened up our southern border and promised all the would-be migrants of the world that if they made it here, they would, essentially, be welcome.

This, naturally, caused a massive, unprecedented surge in illegal immigration.

When Biden got tired of taking the heat for the crisis that he directly caused, he appointed his babysitter and handler Kamala Harris to oversee the situation.

In the time since then, Harris has blatantly ignored the crisis, even refusing to take a trip down to visit the border. Why would she take a trip south anyway? It isn’t like she isn’t fully aware of what’s going on.

Now, reports of wanton lawlessness and criminal activity have reached fever pitch. Customs and Border Patrol agents are completely and totally overwhelmed and simply do not have the manpower or capability to stop the unprecedented levels of cartel activity.

CBP agents told the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) that police chases of immigrant and drug smuggling vehicles are now routine practice in towns further away from the border for the first time.

“It’s never been this busy,” one agent who has worked in the Van Horn Station Area for over ten years told CIS. “I’ve never seen 18-wheelers out on the levy on the Mexican side like this, filled with God-only-knows what. It was predicted before the new administration came in, and it happened. Now the cartels are having a field day.”

Another agent explained that everyone in the world who has ever wanted to come to America has been put on notice that our border is wide open. This has resulted in smugglers totally overwhelming CBP agents with unprecedented numbers of migrants.

“They’re just bum-rushing the border. Probably three-quarters of them are getting away,” he said. “It’s like each station is only allotted a certain number of agents hired and, even if we had the maximum, it’s not enough to stop the groups. They know we’re overwhelmed and the word has gotten out. As long as they send a giant amount of people out, they’ll get through.”

Even the smugglers concur that the border situation is ideal for the cartels. One smuggler, “Jose Antonio,” associated with the extremely violent La Linea cartel boasted to CIS that business has never been better.

“They come in from all over Central America, Haiti, Africa, Indonesia, and from all over South America,” Antonio explained. “They just keep coming and keep coming and keep coming.”

“There’s no one watching” on the American side, he added.

No one’s watching because there aren’t enough CBP agents to address the overwhelming increase in illegal crossings and drug smuggling.

Miguel Soto and Ray Whetstone, homesteaders who live near the border, also say the traffic has utterly exploded since Biden’s regime took over.

“There’s no border. There’s no wall,” Soto said. “They’ll come across, you know, but the problem to us is that some could be armed.”

“Since the election, there’s lots of traffic coming through,” Whetstone said. “There’s just more, a lot more.”

This is easily the biggest threat to the US right now and Biden, Harris and the entire Democratic Party are absolutely refusing to even acknowledge that there’s a problem going on.

Elections have consequences, especially stolen ones.

Copyright 2021.


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