AZ Audit: Hand Count Is Completed, Paper Ballot Examination Continues. Results Expected By End Of Month!

(Rallying Patriots) – On Tuesday, the Arizona Audit Twitter page announced that they had completed the hand count of paper ballots, just in time for President Trump’s birthday!

“Audit Update: Hand count of ballots was completed yesterday with the exception of Braille ballots. The paper examination phase continues and we are examining over 100k ballots per day!”

Audit teams, led by Florida-based Cyber Ninjas, completed the counting of nearly all of the 2.1 million ballots on Tuesday, with the exception of around 100 braille ballots.

The workers have been shifted from counting ballots to performing evaluations on them. The entire process is expected to be completed by June 26.

Teams are now looking for “anything related to whether the ballot was authentic,” Kenn Bennett, former Arizona Secretary of State and current audit director, told the Epoch Times last week.

The examination of the ballots consists of looking for folds on mail-in ballots, the use of microscopic cameras to determine whether marks on the ballots are properly aligned and looking at the depression made in the oval so as to determine if it was filled out by a human or by a machine.

Some workers will be recounting some boxes of ballots to be used as a sampling method to compare to the original count, according to Randy Pullen, a spokesman for the audit and former Arizona Republican Party chairman.

While Pullen did not give an estimate on how many ballots are left to inspect, Bennett’s team said Wednesday that they expect to be done with the evaluation process by June 26.

The Arizona Senate has control of the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix until June 30.

We are less than 10 days away from finally knowing the truth about the 2020 presidential election.

When the fraud and corruption in Arizona is finally exposed, will other states continue to drag their feet on performing their own audits? We already know the interest to perform similar audits around the US is high with numerous states having made visits and taken tours of the Arizona audit.

What are they waiting for?

Perhaps everyone is on hold until the results of the Arizona audit are finally released. This will be the biggest moment so far in 2021. Americans will finally get the answers we deserve and President Trump is on the verge of being vindicated.

If Joe Biden doesn’t have the ballots in Arizona, state officials will be forced to do what’s right and decertify the election results. As former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens has said, if Biden doesn’t have the ballots, he doesn’t have the victory.

We are so close to the truth being exposed. Stay tuned, patriots!

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  1. If this audit and any audits done in other states do not result as the Democrats expect, will they demand an audit of the audits which could
    drag this on for many more months ? Or, forced to admit fraud occurred,
    will they?
    Or will the Democrats disavow any knowledge of this nefarious act ?
    Difficult, because they controlled all the questionable precincts where it occurred.


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