Awesome: Trump Supporter Goes Off At Gas Station, Calls On Biden Voters To Defend Him Now

(Rallying Patriots) – It’s about time for Trump supporters to stand up and start calling out the rest of America for all the insanity going on around us. If you voted for Joe Biden, it’s time for you to own the mess that he and his fraudulent regime are making.

What’s happened in America in the few short months Joe Biden has been sitting in the White House is beyond absurd.

Our border is wide open, jobs have been destroyed, our energy independence has also been destroyed, the radical progressive social agenda is being pushed harder and more fervently, domestic terrorist groups like Antifa and BLM have become emboldened, international conflicts are once again raging everywhere and then there was the gas crisis.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden makes sure to rest enough during the day and make it to bed by 7 pm.

One Trump supporter has had enough and decided to call out the Biden supporters while he was at a gas station where a line of cars extended past his camera’s view.

He perfectly portrays what millions of sane, rational Americans have been thinking and feeling though many of us don’t have the courage to proclaim it.

In the video posted to his Instagram page, an angry man walks around a gas station demanding fellow patrons step up and defend their support of Joe Biden. He points out that while he was forced to defend himself for 4 years while Trump was in office, Biden supporters aren’t getting the same treatment.

He noted in the video several times that they’re all just sitting around quietly supporting this lunacy.

“Where the f*** are the Joe Biden supporters?” the man shouts at the crowded gas station at the beginning of the video. “I can tell y’all why I support Trump, tell me why y’all support this motherf******.”

After walking around without anyone stepping up to speak to him about their support for Biden, he noted that “ain’t nobody saying nothing.”

He further slammed liberals for having “a whole lot of energy” when it came to criticizing Trump but now they don’t have anything to say as Biden destroys America.

“I had to stand behind that s*** every f****** day,” he says, clearly frustrated. “I don’t hear no motherf****** body telling me why they support Joe Biden or all this goofy s***.”

During the video, he explains how his uncle tried to tell him that he doesn’t support any of the stuff going on right now under Joe Biden despite voting for Biden.

“YES. YOU SUPPORT IT. If you voted for Joe Biden you support all of this s***,” he asserts, “When I was with Trump I had to tell you that I supported every f****** thing that he did, and I justified what the f*** he did.”

He blasted Biden voters and told them that all of this mess is on them and they need to own it.

“Turning your little boys into little girls, you can’t tell me you’re with that s***,” he says. “YOU VOTED FOR JOE BIDEN, YOU’RE WITH IT. You all want to detach yourselves from everything that Joe Biden’s doing like it’s just him, no. You voted for him. That’s what the f*** you wanted. OWN IT.”


He’s absolutely right. Liberals had no problem throwing one tantrum after another when Trump was in office making America great again. Now they’ve got nothing to say as Joe Biden and his regime ruin America.

It’s time liberals stand up and say why they support Joe Biden and why they voted for him. We all knew what would happen to America if Biden ended up in the White House and they voted for him anyway. The rest of us want to know why. Now’s the time.

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