ATTORNEY: Capitol Police Officer Who Killed Ashli Babbitt ‘Ambushed’ Her Without Warning

(Rallying Patriots) – Getting things started with the first hearing of the House Select Committee that is currently investigating the riot that occurred at the Capitol back on January 6, Chairman Bennie Thompson, a Democrat from Missouri, has promised to fully investigate “the facts of what happened on Jan. 6,” going on to call it “a scene of violence in the citadel of democracy.”

Again, it seems that not a single Democrat understands that we are not a democracy. We are a republic. There’s a pretty significant difference between the two. In a democracy, mob rules, which is exactly what the left wants. In a republic, everyone’s voice is to be equal.

A report from Gateway Pundit says, “But over the next 3½ hours, he and other Democrats, along with their handpicked Republican panelists and police witnesses, never mentioned the most lethal act committed that day — the fatal Capitol Police shooting of unarmed protester Ashli Babbitt. It was the only shot fired during the entire riot.”

“This omission angered Babbitt’s family and a number of Republicans who maintain that the Select Committee and the Capitol Police are covering up the circumstances surrounding her death. Questions linger over the shooting, especially whether the officer who fired the fatal shot warned Babbitt to stop before he opened fire as she attempted to breach a barricaded door inside the Capitol Building,” the report continues.

“The officer’s lawyer insists his client not only issued such a command, but did so loudly and clearly. However, in an interview with RealClearInvestigations, Babbitt family attorney Terry Roberts said he has gathered evidence indicating the officer, a plainclothes police lieutenant, remained silent. Far from warning Babbitt he would shoot, Roberts said the officer “ambushed” her from the side where she could not see he had taken up position in a hall doorway and had trained his weapon on her,” GP says.

“It’s not debatable,” Roberts then said, adding, “There was no warning.”

Babbitt, 35, ended up being fatally wounded as she attempted to make her way through a broken window above a door that leads directly into the House chamber, where, at that moment, lawmakers were being ushered out to safety.

Standing next to a pile of furniture, blocking some doors and completely out of her view, an officer aimed his Glock service pistol at her and shot her in the left shoulder. She later died from the injuries that she sustained from the .40 caliber bullet.

It’s been almost six months since that time and we still do not have official confirmation about the identity of the shooter, though GP has seemingly confirmed the name of the individual responsible for her death is Lt. Mike Byrd (pictured here).

Justice absolutely needs to be served in this case, as there was no reason, at that time, for anyone to shoot Babbitt. Her family deserves to know the truth of what happened and to see the person responsible held accountable for their actions.

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  1. This is “one” case where police brutality was real and the guy who shot this woman should be prosecuted. His shooting her was completely uncalled for. She should not have been there but the fact that she was there didn’t give him the right to kill her.


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