Armed Gunmen Appear At Georgia Capitol On Monday To Intimidate Law Enforcement, Elected Officials But It’s Ok… They’re With Black Lives Matter

(Rallying Patriots) – It’s becoming painfully obvious just how favored the left and all the left’s causes are in the mainstream media. Their agenda and biases and not even remotely subtle.

Not only do they shamelessly and emphatically support and promote leftist causes and talking points, they’re fanatically demonizing anyone who dares stand in opposition.

In “woke” 21st century America, there is no longer any tolerance for political discord. Ideas and words have become threats to radical leftists and anyone who speaks any truth aside from “their” truth is treated like a terrorist.

It’s all so maddening and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight.

After the Capitol riot, Trump supporters have been endlessly demonized by the establishment media. We’re all to believe that Trump supporters are dangerous, unhinged domestic terrorists.

After all, they’re the reason DC swamp elites have been forced to protect themselves with thousands of National Guard troops in our nation’s capital.

You just never know when the MAGA folks are going to strike again! The next “armed insurrection” could be just around the corner.

Meanwhile, in Georgia, radical leftists are permitted to walk around the state’s Capitol building with AK-47s and the media doesn’t even bat an eye.

The irony is, there is no evidence to support the media’s twisted narrative that the January 6th incident in DC was an “armed” insurrection yet BLM activists are free to walk around Georgia’s Capitol building armed, in a threatening manner.

On March 25, Georgia Democrat Park Cannon was arrested and taken out of a press conference in which the Governor, Brian Kemp, was announcing the state’s new laws meant to protect voter integrity and future elections.

The Democrat State Rep., however, was determined to interrupt the press conference and returned to the Georgia Capitol a short time after being removed with a group of armed companions.

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, the mainstream media left out the little tidbit about Cannon’s friends being armed.

These armed leftists were, no doubt, accompanying the Democrat for the sole purpose of intimidating elected state officials. The media was fine with it.

Cannon attempted to make herself out to be some kind of persecuted civil rights activist and claimed that she was arrested for fighting against “voter suppression” (aka voter ID laws) but in reality, she was arrested for refusing to follow police instruction.

She even repeatedly stomped on one officer’s foot repeatedly. Her arrest had nothing to do with her politics, to be clear.

Her response was, apparently, to return with armed militia members and demand to be allowed to watch Governor Kemp sign the bill into law.

Naturally, leftist organizations wasted no time in showing their support for Cannon and pretending as though fighting against practical and necessary voter ID laws in some kind of courageous resistance to systemic racism and discrimination.

The ACLU of Georgia praised Cannon and called on others to support her:

Democrats and corrupt organizations like the ACLU know Dems can’t win fair elections in states like Georgia. They rely solely on loopholes and taking advantage of the system where they find weaknesses.

It’s because of Democrats and their underhanded, corrupt, shady tricks that states all around the country fortunate enough to have GOP-controlled legislatures are passing laws to tighten up election security.

The US cannot afford a repeat of the 2020 election, assuming there’s even a US after 4 years of Joe Biden.

Elections really do have consequences, especially stolen ones.

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