Analysis: Dems Could Lose 41 House Seats

(Rallying Patriots) – Joe Biden’s job approval rating is in the toilet and now a new analysis has found that Democratic Party is poised to lose as many as 41 seats in the House during the midterm elections next year.

Glen Bolger of Public Opinion Strategies told the Washington Examiner that election outcomes are directly related to presidential approval polling and since Biden’s rating continues to steadily decline, he believes Biden’s party will subsequently lose close to the 41 seats lost during President Trump’s midterm.

That’s 34 more seats than the GOP needs to regain control of the House. This, of course, is before states have even redrawn their congressional districts in light of the 2020 Census.

“As baseball great Yogi Berra famously said, it’s deja vu all over again,” Bolger said as he released his analysis and findings.

Biden has been rapidly losing job approval among Americans but his most significant nose-dive happened right after the deadly and chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan that ended up costing 13 American service members their lives.

Bolger also noted that he has found that Republicans have made “significant inroads” with all voting blocs with the exception of younger Americans who generally don’t turn out in great numbers on Election Day anyway.

“Joe Biden’s overall disapproval rating and, more challenging for him, his strong disapproval ratings are right where Donald Trump’s were just prior to the November 2018 midterm elections, when the party in power lost the House and numerous gubernatorial seats,” he said.

“I would hate to be in charge of candidate recruitment for Democrats because no Democrat in their right mind and a competitive seat would want to run in this political environment,” he added.

Lucky for Democrats that most of them are batsh*t crazy to begin with.

Meanwhile, Republican pollsters John and Jim McLaughlin revealed, “In terms of what to expect for the 2022 midterms, our polling of likely voters suggests that Republicans lead the Democrats in the generic vote for Congress 47%-46% with 7% undecided.”

“This means likely voters are more willing to support a generic group of Republicans rather than a generic group of Democratic candidates for Congress,” they added.

While Democrats are showing signs of defeat amidst Biden’s repeated failures and crises, Republican lawmakers, on the other hand, are becoming more confident and emboldened which is being cultivated by President Trump who still remains incredibly popular within the GOP.

Pollster Scott Rasmussen, who is known for his accurate surveys, has said that 75% of Trump voters are “very motivated” to get out and vote.

However, November 2022 is more than a year away still and this fact gives Democrats hope that Biden will somehow be able to turn things around and reverse his spiraling approval rating.

It’s not likely, however, considering Biden is just a puppet for the psychotic globalists who are behind the scenes calling the shots.

The Biden regime is out to destroy America so it’s unlikely Biden will accomplish anything positive for Americans over the course of the next year or so.

“The big problem Republicans face is can Biden and the Democrats get their monstrous infrastructure bill passed, which for them can buy enough time to provide more stimulus and pork to keep the economic balloon inflated. That would give Democrats the edge to retain majorities,” Jonathan Zogby of Zogby Analytics pointed out.

“If for some reason they cannot pass a big infrastructure bill, Republicans can focus on a not-so-great economy and Biden’s vaccine mandates, which threaten freedoms and hurt small businesses,” he noted further.

Of course, all of these surveys and analysis are meaningless if we don’t have election integrity in America. We need to secure our elections moving forward, do away with mass mail-in voting and ensure there are no schemes. Otherwise, Democrats will surely maintain control now and forever.

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