Amateur Artist Hunter Biden’s Baby Mama Wants Details On His Income From $500,000 Paintings

(Rallying Patriots) – Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden and wannabe artist, is continuing to swat aside questions concerning who is purchasing his ridiculously awful paintings at $500,000 a pop as if he were some kind of Kung fu expert, as his shady foreign business dealings continue to follow him like an obsessed ex-girlfriend. However, his ability to continue stonewalling questions about the identity of those purchasing his art might be coming to an end, thanks in large part to his attempt to pay less child support for his daughter, who is now four-years-old, he helped bring into the world, Navy Joan Roberts.

It’s hard to fathom a bigger sleazeball than Hunter Biden. He’s a strung out loser who makes crappy paintings, goes on benders, knocks up a stripper, and then, to top it off, sells out his country in order to make a buck. And now he’s doing everything he possibly can to avoid taking responsibility for his actions and to not act in any way, shape, or form like a father to an innocent child he played a part in creating.


“Hunter, 52, has asked an Arkansas judge to recalculate the money he hands Navy Joan’s mom, Lunden Roberts, each month, citing a ‘substantial material change’ in his personal finances,” Ben Ashford of the Daily Mail writes. “But single mom Roberts, 31, has pushed back by demanding to know exactly how much her former flame has pocketed from his pictures – and the names and details of all his buyers.”

If this were to happen, it would force the younger Biden to finally reveal, in a publicly filed court document, the identities of the individuals who have been paying a whopping $75,000 to $500,000 for his works of art. Keep in mind, Hunter is a self-taught beginner. There’s no way any of these paintings should be worth this much. Heck, the only reason any value at all is being tagged on to these “works of art” is because of his last name.

“This comes days after Roberts filed a petition to change Navy Joan’s last name from Roberts to Biden. Clinton Lancaster, Roberts’ attorney, said that Navy would ‘benefit from carrying the Biden family name,’ adding that the name is ‘now synonymous with being well educated, successful, financially acute, and politically powerful,'” Ashford says.

Also, if Roberts can provide proof that Joe Biden’s boy is actually making more money thanks to this new vocation he’s discovered, that could actually raise the amount of child support he’s paying her instead of lowering it. And you know what, that would be so awesome.

“If Hunter wants to renegotiate the child support on financial grounds he’ll have no choice but to disclose details of all his income. “And art sales would absolutely qualify as income under Arkansas law,” a reliable source informed the DailyMail.

“Lunden has submitted through her attorney a long list of questions under the discovery process. She wants to know every cent Hunter has made from his art, what exactly he’s sold and the names of all his buyers. All that information will become public in the court records unless Hunter can persuade a judge to seal the records. He may find that he’s bitten off more than he can chew,” the source continued.

Roberts already cinched $2.5 million in a settlement from Hunter after she took him to court back in 2019 and forced him to take a paternity test to prove that Navy Joan was indeed his daughter, the result of a very short love affair between the two.

“Roberts’ attorney Clinton Lancaster responded by firing off a fresh discovery request running into hundreds of questions covering the First Son’s assets, earnings, overseas business dealings in Ukraine and China, plus any payouts to attorneys and agents,” Ashford’s report says.

Sources have stated that the list also focuses on the recent income Hunter has made, requesting that he itemize any of the artwork he’s sold over the last few years, which includes providing a list of buyers’ names and all paperwork that is related to the sales.

Hunter has, up to this point, managed to avoid complying, complaining that the interrogatories are “vague and ambitious” and asking the court to strike down a few of the queries. Boy, he sure is trying hard to keep the buyers of his artwork a secret, isn’t he? What’s he hiding?

“Even though the defendant has been the subject of articles by the New York Times regarding his ‘art,’ President Biden’s administration has taken measures to shield the White House from the buyers of the defendant’s ‘art,’ and the defendant was seen in New York City as recently as a few months ago showing and selling his ‘art,’ the defendant has refused to provide any information about his ‘art’ or the income derived from it,’ Lancaster protested in a December 27 filing,” the Daily Mail states in the article.

“Instead, history repeats itself and Mr. Biden seeks a protective order,” Lancaster noted.

Hunter has pulled in nearly $375,000 from five prints he sold at a pop-up show in 2021, which prompted concerns that potential buyers are purchasing the artwork in exchange for political favors from the Biden family.

Of course, the White House has rejected such concerns about the extraordinary prices that Hunter’s paintings are being sold for by continuing to insist that sales would be kept anonymous in order to prevent corruption. However, many of the family’s critics have asserted that this actually makes the whole venture even more susceptible to influence peddling. And they are absolutely correct.

Let’s hope Roberts is successful and we find out just who is paying these outrageous prices for such mediocre art. I have high suspicions that we’re witnessing yet another scheme by the Bidens to sell access to President Joe Biden through the purchase of Hunter’s paintings.

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