ALERT: Prosecutors In Trump Criminal Probe Resign

(Rallying Patriots) – A new report from The Western Journal has revealed that two prosecutors who were assigned to a fraud investigation concerning President Donald Trump have suddenly resigned from their positions on Wednesday, which has raised new concerns about the probe that Trump himself has slammed as being nothing more than a partisan hit job.

Both Carey R. Dunne and Mark F. Pomerantz turned in their resignations after Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg told them that he had doubts concerning the merits of the case against Trump.

The New York Times reported the resignations on Wednesday, going on to cite sources who are deeply familiar with the matter.

Neither of the prosecutors have explained why they suddenly decided to call it quits, but have only confirmed that they left the office in brief conversations they had with the NY Times.

“A spokeswoman for Bragg’s office thanked Dunne and Pomerantz for the work before confirming to the New York Daily News that the fraud investigation targeting Trump continues,” the report revealed.

“We are grateful for their service,” Manhattan DA spokeswoman Danielle Filson went on to say of the departed prosecutors. “The investigation is ongoing. We can’t comment further.”

“The criminal fraud probe involves allegations of financial impropriety against Trump, and the prosecutors’ investigation is focused on the valuation of Trump Organization real estate properties,” the WJ report said.

According to the report from the Times, Dunne and Pomerantz suspended a plan they had cooked up to question a witness before a grand jury that was put together for the matter.

The grand jury is now slated to expire in April, with Manhattan prosecutors unable to question any witnesses or present evidence once the jury is dismissed.

“The prosecutors reportedly put the case on hold after learning of Bragg’s cold feet in regards to the matter. Bragg, who has a reputation as a ‘progressive’ prosecutor, took office at the start of the year,” the report continued.

Bragg went on to talk about his intention to become personally involved in the investigation concerning Trump, talking to CNN when he took office.

Both Trump and members of his family are also targets in a probe being conducted by New York Attorney General Letitia James. Two of Trump’s kids had been ordered to make an appearance in deposition hearings earlier this month.

“James’ investigation was originally a civil matter, only for the partisan Democrat to brand her inquiry into Trump a criminal investigation in May 2021. Both investigations involve claims that Trump used inflated values of his company properties to secure favorable loans from banks,” the WJ report stated.

“Trump has slammed James’ probe as ‘something that happens in third world countries,’ comparing it to years of Democrat partisan hack jobs seeking to railroad the controversial ex-president in a de facto judicial assassination,” the report added.

You’d think the left would give the man a break after they finally got what they wanted and cheated him out of a second term in the White House, but they have refused to let their grudge against Trump go, continuing the assaults on him and his personal character with just as much enthusiasm as when he was in office.

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  1. Total BS on the part of Lolita James who is up for re-election in NY this yr. Who is paying her off and can she look in the mirror and say she is innocent of everything! She is out to scalp him and his family and try to be the one to take the Trump family down. She isn’t bull shitting anyone. She has made it public on the court steps with her girlfriend saying she was going to take him down. She is a corrupt criminal and paid by soros too.


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