ALERT: Dems Have Only 1 Solution To Win Elections… And You Won’t Like It

(Rallying Patriots) – We’re just one year away from the much-anticipated midterm elections in the US and tens of millions of Americans recognize this as our last chance to save America, the freest, most powerful and most successful nation on planet earth.

Democrats have been busy enacting their anti-America agenda which has been destroying our economy and our livelihoods on a daily basis with more destruction to come in the future including the complete eradication of the middle class.

While they hide behind their mentally checked-out puppet president, usurper Joe Biden, they have successfully managed to kick-off a full-scale invasion of the US via the southern border, mandated experimental “vaccines” on tens of millions of free Americans, recklessly created communistic inflation, shortages, poverty, drug addiction and allowed crime to run major cities from coast to coast.

And this is just the beginning.

The most abhorrent part of the entire ordeal is that these Democrats have been elected by Americans under the guise that they are actually going to do what’s best for them and this country. It’s all one big lie.

These radical leftists, posing as Democrats, hate this country and yet they have been elected to govern it. (Assuming these elections were fair).

They’ve created racial divides unlike anything we’ve seen since the Civil War, they’ve forced God and Christian principles from the public square, they’ve reduced the value of human life to that of a “woman’s right,” and have shown a complete disregard for the rule of law and morality.

Then to top it all off, they chose two of the most unlikable, dishonest, morally corrupt politicians, Biden and Harris, to lead the party and subsequently the country thanks to the rigged and stolen 2020 election. Not to mention the fact that Joe Biden is suffering from advanced dementia.

They stole the election and doing it with Biden and Harris was just a slap in the face. They wanted us to know they stole the election and that there was nothing any of us could do about it.

They stole the election and now they’re shamelessly enacting legislation after legislation to drive the nails into America’s coffin all while attempting to convince us they’re doing what’s best for this country and for us.

Is it any wonder why voters have abandoned any and all support they might have once had for the Biden regime? In November, USA Today reported, “The approval ratings for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have reached dismal new lows, according to a stunning, just-released poll. In a survey published Sunday by USA Today, the president’s approval rating stands at just 38 percent. … The vice president fared equally poorly in the new poll. USA Today found that just 28 percent of those surveyed approve of Kamala Harris at the moment.”

Ouch. Dismal is an understatement.

The reality is, there is absolutely no chance on earth that the Democrats could possibly win and maintain control in 2022. Not only are they going to lose seats in Congress but they’re poised to lose governorships, state legislatures, secretaries of state, mayorships, district attorneys and much more.

Clearly, there is only one way to victory for the Democratic Party and that’s to cheat.

Just like in 2020, the only way Democrats come out on top in 2022 is if they engage in rigging the midterm elections by committing voter fraud, unconstitutional rule changes, Big Tech censorship, and do away with Voter ID laws.

As WND puts it, Democrats will need to exploit “every conceivable opportunity to enable, abet, promote, excuse and encourage election-related fraud and abuse in its myriad and ever-expanding forms, all the while vehemently denying it even when caught red-handed, and simultaneously accusing everyone demanding fair elections of being ‘white supremacists’ and ‘violent extremists’ intent on ‘voter suppression’ and implementing ‘Jim Crow 2.0.’”

The worst part of it all is that those within the Democratic Party don’t see a problem with any of this. Committing outright fraud and totally undermining our democratic election processes is perfectly moral, according to their warped and deranged worldview.

Their worldview, in which President Trump is literally Adolph Hitler, justifies their corrupt actions as morally permissible and even morally imperative. They’re using illegal and unethical tactics because they “have” to in order to save America from an evil even greater than them.

Or so that’s what the narrative they have skillfully orchestrated that millions of Americans have actually bought into.

Americans must fight tooth and nail to ensure election integrity moving forward. It is literally the only way to save our great nation from the dark future we have if these maniacal Marxists are allowed to continue to have their way.

Copyright 2021.


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