Air Force Veteran Denied Kidney Transplant Over COVID Shots

(Rallying Patriots) – When the left says to “follow the science” they, of course, mean their science, not actual science or facts. Despite the actual data and science proving the COVID vaccines are neither safe nor effective, government health agencies and hospitals have insisted all Americans get jabbed.

The refusal to comply with the government’s agenda has resulted in Americans losing their jobs and, in some areas of the country, their freedoms.

What’s worse, the decision not to be injected with the experimental COVID shot could also cost some Americans their lives.

A veteran of the US military was denied a transplant procedure due to his refusal to bow down to the federal government and take the jab.

Air Force veteran Chad Carswell, who is in his 30s, was denied a kidney transplant and removed from the program entirely by officials at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

It doesn’t matter to these woke hospital officials that the shots themselves are a health risk, especially for men. They insisted on Carswell taking the shots anyway. What’s more, the hospital program also insists any donors to be fully vaccinated as well.

Carswell already has enough medical issues to deal with without adding in the potentially harmful, sometimes fatal, COVID shots. He’s a double amputee because of complications from diabetes, according to the Liberty Counsel, and needs a kidney because his kidney function is only at 4%.

Additionally, Carswell has already had COVID, twice, even while on dialysis. He most certainly does not need the COVID shots.

Carswell has said that he would rather “die free” than be forced into taking the shots.

As his situation developed, he made an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight with host Tucker Carlson. More than 500 Americans expressed willingness to donate their kidney as a result of this interview.

Liberty Counsel explained, “Carswell told Liberty Counsel that the United Network of Organ Sharing has a set of protocols it recommends hospitals follow to determine viable kidney donation candidates. UNOS recommends that no one refusing to take the vaccine be considered a viable candidate for kidney donation.”

Multiple hospitals refused to help Carswell and stuck to their rules insisting both patients and donors get the shots before a Texas facility agreed to take his case, with the help of Liberty Counsel’s affiliate attorney.

The state of Texas has no COVID shot requirements for hospitals.

Liberty Counsel Chairman Mathew Staver said, “No one who needs an organ transplant should be denied because of their decision not to get the COVID shots. The case of this young Air Force veteran is even more shameful because of his service to our country. People should not be forced to choose between their life and their religious beliefs.”

No they most certainly should not be. What kind of freedom is that? The left, however, has never pretended to care about our freedoms.

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending but that doesn’t erase the wrong of hospitals denying life-saving medical procedures.

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