AG Rules Doctors Can Prescribe Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine

(Rallying Patriots) – The most shocking development to occur during the COVID pandemic charade has been the federal government, hospitals and insurance companies usurping the decision-making abilities of doctors for their patients.

These establishments have declared they know more than well-trained, experienced medical doctors and decreed that drugs such a hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin be banned despite being affordable, effective and safe.

We all know these entities don’t ever want COVID to go away and we also know that the globalist elites pulling the strings want as many people as possible to die.

Nonetheless, South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson was asked to provide a legal opinion on the matter of whether or not hospitals in the state had the right to ban doctors from using the aforementioned drugs. He came to the conclusion that doctors do, in fact, have the authority to prescribe drugs to treat COVID “off-label.”

“Our doctors, as well as their patients, need to know that doctors have the right to make important medical decisions, as long as they have the informed consent of their patients,” Wilson said in a statement announcing the opinion, as FITSNews reported.

“In fighting COVID, the doctor should be given the broadest possible leeway,” he said, which had been the general consensus in the US until the political COVID charade hit.

The AG’s opinion was given in response to a request from South Carolina Republican state Senators Shane Martin and Bill Taylor.

The lawmakers said “hospitals across our state are refusing to allow doctors to prescribe, or their hospital pharmacies to dispense, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, or other ‘off-label use medication’ for the treatment or prevention of COVID-19.”

They wanted the AG to weigh in on whether there was “any prohibition” to doctors prescribing drugs to treat COVID that were intended for other uses.

Wilson received praise for his support of doctors from prominent cardiologist and epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCullough who pointed out on Twitter that he testified to the South Carolina Senate Committee on Medical Affairs, giving “the evidence base for these medications in the early treatment of the illness.”

He also said, however, that the decision will not stop pharmacists from blocking doctor’s prescriptions for the off-label drugs.

In his opinion, Wilson argued the “physician-patient relationship is given constitutional dimension by the courts and broad – if not absolute – deference in a doctor’s prescribing medications to his or her patient, whether such prescriptions relate to off-label use or not.”

He noted that “courts have expressed time and again a reluctance to interfere in the doctor-patient relationship or in the policies of a hospital.”

“The physician who prescribes a drug for ‘off-label’ use is acting in accordance with generally accepted medical practice, as we understand it, and courts have so held,” Wilson said.

State Sen. Martin applauded Wilson for being “the only statewide elected official to protect the rights of doctors and patients.”

He instructed “the hospitals which have ignored the law and harmed patients to stop – right now.”

State Sen. Taylor said the AG’s opinion “bolsters the stance of brave doctors who have secretly treated patients with ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, steroids, heavy vitamin doses, and other methods to combat COVID.”

“These doctors have been threatened by their accreditation agencies and hospitals for using successful treatments that have saved lives,” he said. “Most hospitals have adhered to the ever-fluid CDC protocols, which limit treatment. Families know that having a loved one placed on a ventilator is an almost certain death sentence.”

It’s absolutely abhorrent and shocking to think that doctors in America are being threatened with the loss of their accreditation for using drugs and successfully making patients feel better and even saving lives.

It’s time for the COVID charade to come to an end already and it’s up to us to see that it does.

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