After 4.5M Views TikTok Censors Viral Testimony From Vaccine-Injured Student Athlete

(Rallying Patriots) – The COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous and pose a much greater risk to those being injected than any potential benefit. How many people have to learn the hard way before people wake up and realize we’re being played?

How many young people have to be injured by these injections before we stop forcing them on people?

A TikTok video that went viral by a NCAA student athlete has been censored and removed from the platform after he attempted to inform Americans of his vaccine injury and warn others considering the shots.

In the video, Tennessee State University golf team member John Stokes, 21, explained how he got the second Pfizer shot on August 31 and just four days later ended up in the hospital with heart inflammation.

“I’m in the hospital right now with heart complications from the COVID-19 vaccine. I want to inform as many people as I can about the risks from taking the vaccine that I wish someone would have told me,” Stokes said.

“I’m a Division 1 student athlete with no prior health issues and I got the second COVID shot Tuesday, and within four days I have been diagnosed with myocarditis and was told that I probably won’t be able to play my senior season now.”

According to a report by Yahoo Life, Stokes’ post was viewed 4.5 million times and received “hundreds of thousands of likes,” before being removed by TikTok for violating unspecified terms of service guidelines.

Clearly, Stokes’ video violated the agreement users sign on to when they download TikTok to never expose the truth about COVID or the vaccines.

“Stokes, who denies the video violated any of TikTok’s community guidelines, filed an appeal to have the video reinstated, which the social media platform allegedly denied,” Yahoo! reports.

Stokes explained to Yahoo Life that shortly after getting the second dose on Aug. 31, he began developing “flu-like” side effects which included body aches. He also experienced chest pain that he, at first, likened to a “gas-like” feeling except it never eased up but rather continued to get worse.

“I told my parents something wasn’t right, and we called the doctor,” Stokes says. “He told me to go to the ER. They diagnosed me with myocarditis, and they told me it was from the vaccine. I was hospitalized for several days after.”

During his stay at the hospital, Stokes says his heart initially hurt so much that he was not able to sleep. He was treated with Tylenol and another anti-inflammatory drug that he could not recall the name of.

Eventually, the chest pain subsided but he says he still has milder chest pain that is more manageable.

While TikTok likely removed his video under the guise of “misinformation,” Stokes went about proving that it was not. In another video he posted he showed his vaccine card and his myocarditis diagnosis.

According to Yahoo, a member of TikTok’s Team Halo community, which is “organized by the United Nations and the Vaccine Confidence Project” to promote vaccines, said while the video didn’t expressly discourage people from getting vaccinated, it may have sown doubt.

“Even though his story is sincere, the message and the way it’s put out can cause fear,” expressed a Team Halo registered nurse. “What vaccine-hesitant viewers are not realizing is the perspective. Is this a risk with the mRNA vaccines? Yes. Is it a rare risk? Absolutely.”

The risk is not rare at all. As a matter of fact, heart inflammation seems to be pretty common among the vaccinated, especially younger males who have received both doses.

Stokes attempted to warn fellow Americans and was quickly shut down by vaccine advocates. How is this freedom? That alone should be all anyone needs to know when deciding whether or not to get the jab.

Stokes’ is determined to share his story with as many people as possible. He has made a new, shorter version (watch here) of his original video and it has already been viewed over 1 million times.

For more information on the “side effects” of the COVID-19 vaccines, check out #ProtectYourFamily on Facebook.

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