ACT OF TYRANNY: Justin Trudeau Moves To Ban Handguns In Canada

(Rallying Patriots) – We all know that the only thing stopping the tyrannical US federal government from completely taking away all of our rights and radically changing the very foundations the US has been built on is the Second Amendment.

Our ability to stand up to the federal government, should they ever “come for us” is the only thing keeping us from becoming the next Australia. It should be noted that Australia gave up their right to own firearms and thus defend themselves and Australia is now a nightmarish leftist dystopia.

Author and historian Keith D. Stanglin wrote an Op-Ed for Newsweek and noted the following from history, which has a funny way of repeating itself, if we let it:

This characteristic of tyranny is nothing new. In the sixth century BC, the Persian king Cyrus the Great asked his new adviser—the defeated King Croesus of Lydia—how to stop the Lydian people from revolting. Cyrus wanted to know how to control a population, not an insignificant concern for a monarch. According to Herodotus, Croesus advised that the people should not be allowed to possess “weapons of war” and that they instead should “instruct their sons to play the lyre, sing, and sell things.” Cyrus was persuaded, he ordered the confiscation of the people’s arms, and, as Herodotus reports, “the Lydians altered their whole way of life.” The plan was a success.

In order for the radical left and the maniacal globalists behind the scenes to successfully turn the US into a dictatorship subservient to the New World Order, they know they must disarm the American people.

It’s exactly the reason why Democrats waste no time at all pushing their gun control agenda the second a mass shooting occurs and completely ignore any and all other issues that would be pertinent to discuss, such as mental health.

Firearms and our Second Amendment right to bear them, as we all know, are the only thing standing in the way of a corrupt and power-hungry federal government. Without our ability to defend ourselves, our families, and our land, the government can take complete and total control.

Stanglin observed:

The right to keep and bear arms is meant to protect the people from a government gone bad, its military and its police. That right need not be exercised when the people are truly sovereign. But the Founders provided for a different time and setting, when, as Alexander Hamilton put it in Federalist no. 28, “the representatives of the people betray their constituents” and the people must exert “that original right of self-defense…against the usurpations of the national rulers.” When the “usurpers, clothed with the forms of legal authority,” oppose the people, it is clear which side Hamilton defends. The best defense against a standing federal army turned against the people is “a large body of citizens, little, if at all, inferior to them in discipline and the use of arms, who stand ready to defend their own rights and those of their fellow-citizens” (Federalist no. 29). As Madison wrote, an armed population forms a barrier against a government’s “enterprises of ambition.”

Of course, we no longer have national leaders and representatives of the people like noble men such as George Washington and Alexander Hamilton who believed in the sovereignty of the American people.

We no longer promote the mentality to ask “what can you do for your country?”

Now, the radical powers at be have done everything they can to distract Americans with what their country can do for them and feelings of entitlement and apathy.

While the federal government has not yet moved to outright take our firearms, they have employed the same tactics as in the days of Cyrus. They have totally transformed American society and thereby have managed to take a massive amount of control away from the people and have normalized illegal seizures of firearms from law-abiding citizens on a smaller, yet still concerning, scale.

Stanglin pointed to the case of the McCloskey’s as an example of this. He noted:

Perhaps the most memorable instance from last year involved Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who stood on their property in St. Louis and brandished guns at a large group of protesters on their sidewalk. The homeowners’ actions were not particularly hospitable, but the confrontation happened during a season of protests that too often ended in unprovoked violence and destruction of property. The homeowners had reason to fear. Yet although the McCloskeys neither fired a shot nor harmed anyone nor left their property during the incident, authorities seized their guns and charged the couple with unlawful use of a weapon. In other words, the police came with guns, entered a private home and confiscated a lawfully owned gun that wasn’t even fired.

The US government has become utterly corrupt and will stop at nothing to fulfill their ultimate agenda which is to disarm the American people and lead the country into a communist dystopian hell where there are only two classes of people: the elite and the poor.

It’s time to start seeing the Biden regime as the tyrannical dictator-wannabes that they truly are and take measures to prevent their complete and total takeover.

If Democrats get their way and the US government begins seizing firearms from law-abiding US citizens it will never lead to anything good. The Democrats claim it’s all about stopping mass shootings but it will most certainly not only not do that but it will lead to far more trouble for American citizens.

Stanglin notes:

Second, the government’s seizure of arms doesn’t lead to anything good. If and when civil authorities come armed to take guns from law-abiding citizens—whether on a small scale or en masse—and when they target not just those who were caught on camera with weapons, or a marginal religious cult with a potentially dangerous stockpile, it is unclear how citizens will react. A large number will presumably comply with the “usurpers, clothed with the forms of legal authority” and allow their constitutionally protected property to be taken, no questions asked. A few of these good citizens, like the McCloskeys, may fight it in the courts.

But it’s easy to foresee a large number of citizens choosing not to comply because they see an unconstitutional and even unjust law as not worth obeying. And there is a good chance that a small number of these, feeling pushed over the edge, will go beyond self-defense and choose to fight back, perhaps in unjust, horrific ways.

Should the US government attempt to disarm American citizens it will result in death and destruction and in the end, the federal government will win and we will all have totally lost our freedoms and the US constitution will be a thing of the past.

The irony is that while Democrats pretend to be concerned with “extremism” their push to disarm Americans is only going to produce exactly that. If they come for Americans’ guns they’ll be kicking a bees nest and if you’ve ever kicked a bees nest, you know how that’s going to go.

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  1. Canada!!!! you will b sorry if you give up your guns. Remember Trudeaus father was a rabid communist and so is his son. You will be run over by the tyrants in your government. BEWARE!


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